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What to do if you need an emergency roofing repair



There’s too much risk of being injured, and there is a good chance the weather conditions  will not allow you to properly assess the actual damage and you could possibly inflict more damage or worse have an accident and severely injure yourself. Roofs and ceilings can be repaired easily, broken bones cannot. Document your loss and damages, in writing and with photos.

Don’t panic. The damage to the roof is already done. Contact your insurance provider and give All Purpose Roofing a call to help. Be wary of storm chasers who follow such weather events and capitalize on homeowners’ fears.

What qualifies as an emergency roofing repair?

Once your roofing system is compromised, it will allow water infiltration. A quick roof repair or protective cover must be installed to prevent further interior and structural damage. In most instances, we will emergency tarp the hole in the roof or damaged area until the weather passes and we can assess damage and propose a more permanent roof repair.

In most instances, the roofing system was compromised due to a weather event, animal or fire. Mother Nature is an incredibly strong opponent for roofing systems. Winds that exceed 50 mph have the force to tear shingles from the roof and expose the substrate. Trees limbs can be torn off trees and tossed about like toothpicks, penetrating the structure. Lightning can strike and literally blow a hole through the roof. Raccoons and squirrels love to chew through rotted wood and create sizable holes in the roof.

What happens when you call us for emergency repairs?

If it’s in the middle of a storm, we will wait until the storm subsides and then mobilize in a quick fashion. Safety for our staff and customers is priority one. There’s often nothing we can reasonably do when there’s high wind, heavy rain and lightning during a storm.

When the situation becomes safe enough for our experienced repair team to start the work, we will quickly assess the damage, develop a emergency solution and discuss the immediate response required with the homeowner. Once the emergency repair has been completed our team will then begin working on a permanent repair solution and present the recommendation to our customer.